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Smart Moves is a responsive modern mobile friendly web application that will save your organisation time and money.

Folders and lessos

Simple to use

Smart Moves allows you to access all of your lesson plans and content in one easy to navigate folder structure.  Create new folders and lesson plans with the touch of a button.  You can also upload any type file into your files section to maintain your intranet of important documents.

Activities and lesson are fully searchable and can be built into well organised libraries.

Smart Moves Lesson Template

Fully customize the design of your Activites and Lesson plans

We know that every organisation is different.  Smart Moves allows you to customize the activity and lesson templates that your company uses.  You can define the flow and layout of your activities and lessons and insert any amount of text images and videos into the plans plus use all of our great widgets and features such as lesson timing, student feedback, lesson schedules.embedded videos and more...


Skill tracking

With Smart Moves skill tracking turned on your can manage and track all of your athletes classes and skills.  Simply setup trackable activities and assign these to lesson plans.  Smart Moves will then allow your instructors to progress your students through a range of achievements for each skill.

You can fully customize the progress levels and skill levels that your organisation defines.


Staff, company and student management made easy.  Smart Moves allows you to create and manage any number of staff member user accounts.  You can also import students from your current CRM.   If you are on selling your content you can also create and manage any number of companies under your umbrella.


Broadcast email out to your staff, students or families.  Smart Moves gives you administration tools to search and email out to all of your contacts.


On sell your expert content.  One of the major strengths of Smart Moves is the ability it will give you to on-sell your expert content to other organisations or individuals.  Once your expert content is setup you can fully control the access each one of your clients has to it.  Your clients will get all of the great features of Smart Moves plus your expert content.  We have can manage all of the setup and configuration of your clients including online payments and let you focus on your content and customers.


Rebranding and domain names.  Our site can be completely rebranded for your company..  Our web designers will update the layout to match your branding and you can even use a sub-domain on your home page to host the application.

Discover the benefits of having your branded, expert content in our online platform!

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