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Please feel free to browse through our libraries of lesson plans. 

Simply click on any of the content providers below to sample their lesson content.

Visit our premium Smart Moves dancing content provider.  With over 200 activities and hundreds of lesson plans you will never be stuck for class content again.  A massive array of images and videos will get your dance school up and running in no time.  We are pleased to announce that Smart Moves Dance is now completely free.

With hundreds of activities, videos and lessons for all sports associated with school age children, Smart Coach is your ‘Go To’ resource for teachers and coaches.  Build your own lesson plans or use any of the hundreds of pre-made plans covering, athletics, football, basketball, running, tennis, games, leadership activities and more.

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Start with a blank planner and build your own content.  This option is perfect if you have a unique set of content not covered by any of our providers.   Get the full power of our planner and start building your database today.  Once you have an awesome content database you might even consider selling it on as one of our content providers.

Using the unique power of rugby to empower and inspire youth, primarily from underserved communities, to go forward and realize their true potential.  This planner provides all you need to get your rugby club up and running.

Visit our founding content creator and sample the vast array of quality swimming lesson plans that have been created for the swim industry.

Visit the content providers website to purchase content

From the moment you subscribe to the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Online Teaching System you will reduce the hassle and cost of instructor training, plus gain improvements in the quality of teaching, safety and consistency.

Visit the content providers website to purchase content


Are you a personal trainer or do you have specialized expert knowledge that you want to package and sell to clients.  If so give our lesson platform a go and sign up for a free 30 day trial below

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